Cora – Day 5

Well the little madam is settling in well. Lol, she lunged at me this morning. Proper growled and lunged. This might get interesting today, with the training I have planned for her. EEEP. However, I didn’t back off. Stood my ground with her and let her see I wasn’t a threat even though for some bizarre reason today she thought I was.

So, training began and now I’ve had the door open for twenty minutes. She’s been out, sat on top of the cage, beak grinding I might add… and has now gone back in for some more breakfast.

She’s going to have some freedom today. I know her favourite treat to get her back in. Black Grapes, although there isn’t much in the nutritional sense, it’s what she adores, and goes for first. Even over the nuts….

Leaving her to settle in the dining room, and hoping that when I go back in the living room Bobby won’t escape, or today might just get even worse, and I don’t want that. He has to steer clear, they’re supposed to be in QT…  love bugs. x out

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