Are you looking for serious beta readers?

Yes? so I’ll try and be brief.

I’ve been working with a friend and crit partner, on a website for serious writers. We all know there are a good few out there (used em all) but what they don’t have is a serious beta program in place.

The site is itself is in beta stages, so as it’s a trial we’re offering a free upgrade for participation. (as we are data gathering)

I am looking for 8-10 people whose novels are beta ready. This means has been though the mill by yourself, maybe even a couple of friends. SPAG does not need to be perfect, because we all know that’s the last stage of editing, and line editing isn’t what a beta is about.

The beta is tough going. You need to read the other novels and discuss in a set order. That is a big trust thing. But it’s a trust thing in hoping sending off to that person you know on the internet… so your choice. Depending on book length it could mean 1-2 weeks per book. For 4 members on a team, it would mean 6 weeks of reading and discussion. (with a break when your own is on) But to receive those solid sets of feedback on your work is very important. And especially from those who write in the same area.

Anyone interested or for in the future? Pop along to the site at and peek at it, or PM me for more details.


On a personal note guys I’m so sorry I’ve been away, I’ve been very poorly for the last few weeks. I will catch you up soon, I have so much good news!

Especially regarding TSK 🙂

Cora – Day 9

Sorry I missed a few after the working shift. I had so much to catch up on.

A few mishaps –

Couldn’t get Cora back into her cage one day.

Went to make dinner and left the gas on.

Then left the Wok in the oven yesterday and nearly melted it!

I’ve struggled like crazy to keep these two love bugs separate, got a new cage, Paul was fixing it and they got in the hallway together, they’re like ninja’s I swear. So they actually got a face to face meet. Scary stuff.

But now, things have settled much better again, so I’m sure there is going to be lots of fun. I’m nervous for them getting too close, but now she’s here, she’s staying 🙂

The two of them are tucked up now, beak grinding, that has to be the best sound EVER!