Our books are not free!

The biggest event on facebook, I’ve seen in a while! and it starts soon!


Sorry facebook for the double tap. Well worth it I think. 🙂

I’ve had the best time since we launched TSK’s second book in December, with a really well laid out plan of attack and some well-placed blogs and adds, we’re doing okay, sales and KU reads are really steady! and I’m proud of that.

But in the launch I did what most authors do, I had giveaway prizes. I love and will always love doing things for others if they REALLY want them, but I gave away between 2 events over 16 audiobooks, out of those prize winners only 6 actually have claimed their books.

These books cost a tonne of money to produce, and each gift costs around $20 or £20 (we’re almost even in cash value)

So I gave away £200 worth of goods, that no one really wanted.

So when a facebook friend decided enough was enough and she shared her idea on this event, I fully supported her, and I’m very proud of the gathering that is involved with this event.

Writing is not easy, it’s fun… sure.

It can be highly stressful too.

It is expensive.

To compete in the real world we have to pay out for many things.


Cover art…



Our time is worth something.

Yet, all the time, artists and not just in the writing world are berated and asked for stuff for free.

My other qualm was before my book launch in December I took part in a big event for a $100 amazon gift card. We gathered email addresses for our mailing lists, which was fab.

However in January and up to date, because I gave my email address in, I’ve had over 350 emails, with authors GIVING books away for free 😦

I am very saddened by this, and it has to stop.

We are worth it!

Our time is worth it. You as a reader want hour after hour of entertainment, right?

But you won’t pay more than 2.99 ?

What’s that coffee cost you there, that you’re drinking? how much is that barista on per hour?

Yeah, you get my point, right?

I love my readers, and I love my fans, the comments and notes I get all over social media make my day, but I have to eat, I have to put a roof over my head.

Hugs to you all, and I really, really hope you guys will support this fab event.

I’ve got spending money tonight! So I’m going to buy some amazing books from some of these fabulous authors!


So exciting! TSK catch up.

Hey everyone.

We’re getting so close to Xmas, and after my birthday weekend last week. It’s been a totally hectic one as per usual.

I’ll try and catch everyone up….

All things TSK – https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Secret-King/836723299691777

We got off to a great start, and peaked with me posting my short pitch with 16k views. But this week is slower, I personally haven’t had time to post much, yet the page is still gathering fans, so that is just awesome. And they’re people I don’t know which is even better. The reach is getting there.

Trent, (our conlanger) has also been working on the Royal Pendant which currently belongs to Kendro. Here are some of the images. 🙂

pic pendant Pendent design

The idea is that the three subordinate houses sections split off, and can be used to gain access to their territory in dire circumstances, to show that House Niakrex needs them. It doesn’t come into play really till book 2, but it’s there to show power for Kendro when needed through the first book.

Our idea is to get a few mock up designs physically made for a give away. Any thoughts? Would you be interested in owning one?

In watching the language develop I’ve really now got this deeper understanding to how language is created. It’s opened my eyes in many ways. And is giving TSK A real depth to it’s structure, from it’s vast history to how society now works in general. I’m loving it, seriously.

A young gentlemen, Patrick Bowen, who I got to talking too from the conlang advertisement, has also inspired me to start some world building in a different universe. One built around a language he has already been working on. I’ve listened to some of it, he’s a wonderful speaking voice, and it has a nice sound to it.

This is really strange for me, as I’ve working on TSK for quite some time. But it’s also been refreshing to start the process of creating a world worth being in. The ideas are coming thick and fast, and I’m excited to put some of it together to let him have a first peek.

Another thing I’ve been watching develop is our website, and this is looking good. Might take a little while longer just yet, but we’re gathering content and working really hard on it all. I’m so proud of these guys.

Keep watching this space, and I’ll post more at later dates. 🙂


First go at dictation :)

Never tried dictation before so let’s see if this works out okay. Been a crap day went to the doctors for pain relief and anti-sickness medication. The doctor was very nice, felt sorry for me and laughed because it happened Friday the 13th. I have been signed off work for a while eek, this is quite difficult for me because wages and money will be very tight. But as usual in life we take it our stride and continue onwards.

We agreed it was not the pain medication which was making me feel safe, it is in fact the pain. And so keep going as I’m doing take pills every four hours with the anti-sickness and hopefully feel better. It seems to have made a difference this afternoon.

Paul has gone to work now, won’t be home till gone midnight, and so I am home alone with Bobby and the cat. Of which I don’t mind their company is nice. A movie and some pottering about. Facebook is quite addictive when you’re at home all day.

Here is Bobby keeping me company, isn’t he just adorable 🙂 I love him to bits.

2013-09-17 19.19.45

Facebook :)

Hey there everyone. I’m trying to get into the ‘new’ age of things. And I’ve popped a facebook link onto the site. 

You can like it and follow me on facebook… please do. I love meeting and chatting to people from all over the world and facebook and twitter are both very good places to do this. 


Chat to you all soon, and I look forward to getting to grips with all this ‘new’ stuff 🙂 


D x