First go at dictation :)

Never tried dictation before so let’s see if this works out okay. Been a crap day went to the doctors for pain relief and anti-sickness medication. The doctor was very nice, felt sorry for me and laughed because it happened Friday the 13th. I have been signed off work for a while eek, this is quite difficult for me because wages and money will be very tight. But as usual in life we take it our stride and continue onwards.

We agreed it was not the pain medication which was making me feel safe, it is in fact the pain. And so keep going as I’m doing take pills every four hours with the anti-sickness and hopefully feel better. It seems to have made a difference this afternoon.

Paul has gone to work now, won’t be home till gone midnight, and so I am home alone with Bobby and the cat. Of which I don’t mind their company is nice. A movie and some pottering about. Facebook is quite addictive when you’re at home all day.

Here is Bobby keeping me company, isn’t he just adorable 🙂 I love him to bits.

2013-09-17 19.19.45

3 comments on “First go at dictation :)

    • Seems to work well. I hit the key and speak. Just need to work out punctuation as I put that in manually, lol 🙂 He wolf whistles, just started to copy us. He’s a little character for sure.

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