Experience with NHS fail

Okay so this has taken me a good while to post, because I am one handed typing. But, here it is. 


After my fall yesterday we went to Southport Hospital. I’ve always had very good experiences of the place, been seen for the most part in decent time. 


Well yesterday was vastly different. On walking in there were 2 people booking in, and one waiting. I saw the triage nurse who said she would put my arm in a sling and Paul booked me in while I went to the toilet. 

The nurse never came back for me. We waited an hour and a half. The three people who came in before me, went in. Then three people who came in after me we went in. 

One a portuguese guy with toothache and the other a polish gent with backache! I had a possible broken arm, WTH 


So, I went back to the triage nurse, asking for her to put my arm in a sling. When she couldn’t because I started crying at the pain, she asked me what my name was again, and then went running in to the doctor. 


Another half an hour later and the doctor called me in, I had been MISSED off the system. Nice huh?


So the Doc assesses my arm, says he’ll ask for two x-rays, because most injuries are of the wrist not the elbow, but my pain was more in the elbow, and off we went to radiology. 


10 mins later and no one about. Then a wonderful porter comes by with a patient and books us right in. 

My turn for Xray…. easy peasy right?


Nope. The doctor has missed putting on my form that the radiologist had to x ray my elbow too, so off he went to go find the doc. 


When I finally get my X-rays, he calls in someone while in the chair, I can hear them talking about the fracture. ‘great’ 


He comes over with a form to take back to A n E and tells me it was a good job I insisted on the elbow X ray as it was a definite fracture.


Back to the doc, who apologises again. By this time, I am so fed up and feel so sick, I just want to go home. They won’t plaster till the fracture clinic see it, and discuss it with me. And the next appointment is on Thurs, if I can’t get there then a week on Monday. Thank goodness hubby is off and I am able to go. 


So, Southport, you really let me down. I was there, 3.30 hours. BIG FAIL


Today, pain killers aren’t cutting it. I’m constantly thirsty and this has taken far too long with one hand. 


I am not a happy person 😦





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