fractured my elbow :(

yep, so please excuse no capital letters or punctuation…. fell at tesco’s four court yesterday after fuelling my van. 3.5 hours in a n e. and it hurts like hell.


this is going to be real short. need to rest and gather strength.

sucks to be a writer who cant write properly

Will catch you soon… fri the 13th ha never working that again. glad i am off for my birthday.

5 comments on “fractured my elbow :(

  1. sending you healing energy and speedy recovery of your elbow ..hope you are back again in your writing routine :)..I read your posts and find them very much real and they relate well with day to day life ..

    • Thank you. Some things are sent to try us. I am a survivor for sure. 🙂 It helps to know people are reading and interested. Will follow you back and look forward to some exchanges.

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