So exciting! TSK catch up.

Hey everyone.

We’re getting so close to Xmas, and after my birthday weekend last week. It’s been a totally hectic one as per usual.

I’ll try and catch everyone up….

All things TSK –

We got off to a great start, and peaked with me posting my short pitch with 16k views. But this week is slower, I personally haven’t had time to post much, yet the page is still gathering fans, so that is just awesome. And they’re people I don’t know which is even better. The reach is getting there.

Trent, (our conlanger) has also been working on the Royal Pendant which currently belongs to Kendro. Here are some of the images. 🙂

pic pendant Pendent design

The idea is that the three subordinate houses sections split off, and can be used to gain access to their territory in dire circumstances, to show that House Niakrex needs them. It doesn’t come into play really till book 2, but it’s there to show power for Kendro when needed through the first book.

Our idea is to get a few mock up designs physically made for a give away. Any thoughts? Would you be interested in owning one?

In watching the language develop I’ve really now got this deeper understanding to how language is created. It’s opened my eyes in many ways. And is giving TSK A real depth to it’s structure, from it’s vast history to how society now works in general. I’m loving it, seriously.

A young gentlemen, Patrick Bowen, who I got to talking too from the conlang advertisement, has also inspired me to start some world building in a different universe. One built around a language he has already been working on. I’ve listened to some of it, he’s a wonderful speaking voice, and it has a nice sound to it.

This is really strange for me, as I’ve working on TSK for quite some time. But it’s also been refreshing to start the process of creating a world worth being in. The ideas are coming thick and fast, and I’m excited to put some of it together to let him have a first peek.

Another thing I’ve been watching develop is our website, and this is looking good. Might take a little while longer just yet, but we’re gathering content and working really hard on it all. I’m so proud of these guys.

Keep watching this space, and I’ll post more at later dates. 🙂


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