AudioBook Review – DeathMatch – Arisen book 11

This series is by far the longest I’ve listened to, and would do again. This turned me into a zombie fan!

Review as follows –

Deathmatch: Arisen, Book 11 | [Michael Stephen Fuchs]

“More, more, more.”

This has been the longest series I’ve listened to, and I’m on the edge for the next. This series is so addictive, you just can’t even compare it to TWD which I only went to watch after this amazing series. You can’t compare it.

Of course theres some things that will always make us cringe characters here are so deep, so into the ZA that life is everything, means everything and is so tough, they do crazy things.

It was awesome to get back into this, and from the beginning till the end I was heart in mouth. Just loved it. I know there’s not much more to go in the series, and I waited patiently for this one, I really can’t wait to see how this all draws to an end, to who survives to who makes it with the scars they all already have. I’m going to seriously miss this story and these characters. The best writing and narration team on the planet. Just amazing.

(I will not buy the e-book to find out, I will wait, I will) honest!!! but you guys are killing me here. I so want the next one.


Our books are not free!

The biggest event on facebook, I’ve seen in a while! and it starts soon!

Sorry facebook for the double tap. Well worth it I think. 🙂

I’ve had the best time since we launched TSK’s second book in December, with a really well laid out plan of attack and some well-placed blogs and adds, we’re doing okay, sales and KU reads are really steady! and I’m proud of that.

But in the launch I did what most authors do, I had giveaway prizes. I love and will always love doing things for others if they REALLY want them, but I gave away between 2 events over 16 audiobooks, out of those prize winners only 6 actually have claimed their books.

These books cost a tonne of money to produce, and each gift costs around $20 or £20 (we’re almost even in cash value)

So I gave away £200 worth of goods, that no one really wanted.

So when a facebook friend decided enough was enough and she shared her idea on this event, I fully supported her, and I’m very proud of the gathering that is involved with this event.

Writing is not easy, it’s fun… sure.

It can be highly stressful too.

It is expensive.

To compete in the real world we have to pay out for many things.


Cover art…



Our time is worth something.

Yet, all the time, artists and not just in the writing world are berated and asked for stuff for free.

My other qualm was before my book launch in December I took part in a big event for a $100 amazon gift card. We gathered email addresses for our mailing lists, which was fab.

However in January and up to date, because I gave my email address in, I’ve had over 350 emails, with authors GIVING books away for free 😦

I am very saddened by this, and it has to stop.

We are worth it!

Our time is worth it. You as a reader want hour after hour of entertainment, right?

But you won’t pay more than 2.99 ?

What’s that coffee cost you there, that you’re drinking? how much is that barista on per hour?

Yeah, you get my point, right?

I love my readers, and I love my fans, the comments and notes I get all over social media make my day, but I have to eat, I have to put a roof over my head.

Hugs to you all, and I really, really hope you guys will support this fab event.

I’ve got spending money tonight! So I’m going to buy some amazing books from some of these fabulous authors!


#favreads2016 for Kanundra

So this post has taken me all morning to start to put together, but I think it’s been worth it.

I’ve had the great pleasure of being involved in 2016 with my own audiobooks. That alone immersed me into the world of many authors who I didn’t know or had known but had no real time for reading anymore.

For that, and to listen2abook I am very grateful.  🙂

Everyone remembers their first time right? Well let me know what your first audiobook was and what you loved about it….

For me, I’d personally had my audio account for over 8 mths, and never used it. I got books each month because I had credits to burn but they like my ebook collection was just growing.

When searching for my own narrator, I actually was passed what I now class as my first time, and I think this as an audiobook will still always be one of my very favourite.

I am going to try and keep this list short…. honest.

2016 All time fav Sci Fi in 2016!

I can’t stress enough about the amazing writers and books I’ve listened to this year, this is my fav category. And knocking this down to One Book was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. 169 amazing books from all genres!

But after being asked to listen to a duel narration and being introduced to Jeffery Kafer, I saw this advertised and picked the first book up.

When I like someone, I kinda follow them, so when I saw that Jeffrey Kafer posted about a new sci fi. I was like, Oh, yes please!

I did learn that it wasn’t the usual kinda sci fi I read or have started to listen to, but that didn’t mean I did not enjoy this.

Best Female Narrator and Writer Combo –

Broken Skies: Book 1 | [Theresa Kay]

For the most part this story kept me on edge and I wanted to know what happened. I can’t believe the Author hasn’t had the narrator back to do the second book, I’m just gutted, so much so I had to buy the book, and I don’t often do that. I don’t have the time to read a real book. So I do hope that the author will have this on the cards next.

Top book read of the year is her second book in the series. (not available as audio shame)

Best Male Narrator and Writer Combo –


I think when you start to listen to AudioBooks in the way I have, you do become fans of people. Jeff’s books were some of the first I had the pleasure of listening to, even within a genre I wasn’t a lover of, and I am a fan of his.

Add in the sci fi element and well I’m sold before I even know the premise. 🙂 Some things you know are just going to be a good listen. The fact that a story can be written so many ways just excites me.

Best Fantasy –

Heart of Gold: Clans of Shadow, Book 1 | [J. A. Cipriano, J. B. Garner]

“Loved this story.”

This was defo a little more fantasy than I’m used to, with wizards and magic, and all that jazz. But, with Joe narrating, from horror to fantasy I know it’s pretty much got to be a good listen, it didn’t disappoint.

Best Horror – Sorry, but again this one goes to Joe Hemple (Fantastic all round Narrator)

“Horrific! but so good.”

This was a fantastically horrific and just gross out collection of horror stories. But they were so so good, and in bite sized chunks that were great for listening at work. There was a couple of them I really wished were much longer and this was the only reason I marked it down a bit. We only just got a good feel for the characters and what was going on around them that when it ended it was too soon.


Weirdest (yet strangely satisfying)

“Dark, mysterious and action packed!”

Would you listen to The Atomic Sea: Omnibus of Volumes One and Two again? Why?

I would listen to both of these books again, because there was so much to the world and story, I felt it was a lot to take in and digest as an audiobook.

Longest Series I listened to –

“Great Intro listen to at anytime.”

As I said above, this is a great addition, and you can really listen to it at anytime. I got through all the 12 books and then had the worst hangover, so this was a nice addition to the series. The two Seals with the guys in here, are fab characters, both fought till their last breath, as said in the main series, but going through it with them is hard on the emotions.


And Finally some Honourable mentions.

Sci Fi Fun and the most Unique world building –


“Exciting new sci fi!”

Full disclosure. I had the wonderful opportunity to read some of this in one of my author crit groups, but I was super excited to then learn of it as an audiobook! Especially read by Ray Porter, who I enjoyed for some of his other works. So I had to go and buy this. 🙂

Dennis’s Bobiverse was a little strange at first. But, you’re soon taken in by the wonderful humour of Bob and the weird circumstances he’s got himself into and has to keep himself sane from…. I admit there’s a lot going on, and there are some ‘Bob’s I like more than others. But that’s to be expected. They are all so different…. and of course as a trecky fan I love Ryker. And Homer 🙂

Most Emotional and Raw.

Captive: A New Life, Book 1 | [Samantha Jacobey]

“no words….”

This literally was one of the hardest books I’ve listened to, but not in a bad way at all. I mean it’s just so raw, so emotional and just makes you shiver with what happens. It’s one that really will tear your heart out, make you think and then again still shatter your beliefs in the world.


So there you have it, these are 2016’s best books in my eyes. 🙂 Roll on this year. I’ve got an amazing line-up already and I can’t wait.

~ Dawn



AudioBook Review – Arisen Series 7-10

Slow to post these, but THIS IS THE BEST series I’ve come across so far, like really, really.

RC Bray nails this, and I totally had to buy more of the books he narrated, introducing me to loads more great writers.

“A slower pace”


As far as this series goes, it’s pretty awesome. I’ve breezed through the books just wanting the next, and the next, this one did have a much slower pacing, with some flashbacks, and I think that was okay. It can’t all be so fast-paced, we as readers and listener do need a break.

Great work as usual to both writers and of course, the narrator, he’s been totally awesome throughout the whole series.

Book 8 –

“It’s back!”


This defo picks up the pace once more, nothing that the operators go through here is easy. And it’s action packed once again.

From the JFK fighting for its life against the Russian cruiser, to which the injured command lets the ship down in the biggest way, once again not believing what he’s told about the Russian’s and their own operators, thank goodness for Homer, what a guy. And some just totally on the edge scenes.

I really, also enjoyed the UK scenes in here, I think and believe this is exactly how London might fall in the ZA. It’s just so almost true you really can believe it, and of course, One Troop really do fight tooth and nail, almost as much as the operators.

Excellent listen and sped through these like a demon. 🙂 (where is the next books 11 and 12) haha

Book 8.5 –

“Excellent side story!”


I was a little unsure of this one because of how it sat in the series, but I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t a bad trip backwards at all.

This really set up and let me understand how and what happened at the start of the ZA and some of the reasons to why. I can totally see the next book getting really complicated and scary and all sides coming together for a big fight.

I was so excited to get to the end of this, and move forwards. Thank you for the huge amount of weekly entertainment this has totally made my start to love zombies. Not sure if that’s a good thing, as I started watching TWD as well. haha.

Fab job from all parties as well. 5 stars for this one.

Book 9 –


Cataclysm: Arisen, Book 9 | [Michael Stephen Fuchs]

“Such bad luck for them, sigh”


I really have had a blast with these, but there are some really hit and miss sections of just pure bad luck. These guys are so highly trained, yet they do make the really craziest mistakes. I can forgive it because they’re Zombie and fantasy books, with a whole lot of real life, character situations and days without sleep. But they’re still pretty daft mistakes, that I really do hope highly trained people wouldn’t make.

However, this is one of the most entertaining series I have had the pleasure of listening to, and the action and character development, even if sometimes things seem odd, is brilliantly done. Yes, I am now a big fan, and I don’t mind admitting it. I just went to look up the writers and narrator on facebook….

Thanks for being so awesome. (PS I saw book 11 is on the cards for audio, squee)

B00k 10 –

The Flood: Arisen, Book 10 | [Michael Stephen Fuchs]

“Fab, just don’t want it to end!”


With everything coming to a head, things are just so tense, all the time. These guys haven’t had a decent break, and I’m glad that at least there are somethings that keep on being the usual!

I was literally on the edge of my seat while driving and listening to this. There was such desperation, such heartfelt emotions and inner soul searching from everyone in this book. I don’t want it to go wrong, I love these characters, all of them, I’ve lived with them for the last few weeks, day in day out, 5 hours a day! I really want the next audiobooks, but I know they’re not done yet. I will have to wait and I think that will kill me. haha. Best audiobook hangover EVER. Thank you guys.

Book 0.5 –

“Great Intro listen to at anytime.”


As I said above, this is a great addition, and you can really listen to it at anytime. I got through all the 12 books and then had the worst hangover, so this was a nice addition to the series. The two Seals with the guys in here, are fab characters, both fought till their last breath, as said in the main series, but going through it with them is hard on the emotions.

Great job to both writer and narrator. Ray is now one of my fav’s and I’m already on another series he narrated 🙂

AudioBook Review – Arisen book 4-6


I have been flying through these and there’s no other explanation that I’m really enjoying them. I have been a little nervous as I saw that the last few books aren’t out as audio yet! What am I going to do, I hope they’re soon on their way.

Anyways, the reviews this time were pretty short and sweet, because I really am fascinated with this world.

“Enjoying these :)”

I must admit, I wasn’t sure if I should get all the books, but I did, (now up to book 7) and I’m enjoying them through the whole of the series.

I do think there were a few cringe-worthy mistakes here in regards to the character/story, but I also do think that the authors also gave some convincing reasons as to why those happened. I guess no one is totally infallible and that is what the Special Ops guys are supposed to be.

Still, very entertaining series, 🙂 Thanks for bringing this to my ears and keeping me from going insane at work haha.


Exodus: Arisen, Book 5 | [Michael Stephen Fuchs, Glynn James]


I really hoped we’d follow Sarah and Homer to some extent through this last book and maybe even some of this, but we didn’t.

I did enjoy this a lot, the action was totally intense, will they, won’t they. Just brilliant and totally had me on the edge of my seat. However, that ending, so worth it. This was one of the more exciting parts to this series, at least so far for me. I’m wondering how on earth the authors manage to keep up this level of intensity, but they really do a great job.

RC is also one of the best narrators I’ve listened to, I love his Yorkshire and English accents, yeah maybe not quite what I’m used to as I live here, but they’re pretty realistic. 🙂


“A little bit of calm”

To say that the last 5 books were just a zillion miles a minute would be putting it mildly, but after the huge battle to save the JFK this was a good time to take a breather, recoup, think things through. See what and how these guys and gals can move forwards.

This doesn’t mean that this part isn’t thrilling, there are some real scary situations for everyone, from the surviving tunnelers, and the ops mission to retrieve the BioForce. It can’t get any harder for these people, but it does, and it still manages to have us on the edge of our seats, everything is riding on these huge tasks to come together and all at the right time. It’s not going to be easy, there are some huge losses and it tests everyone to their utmost ‘give’ up level.

Excellent narration as ever, I am not gonna be happy when this series is over, I’ll have a major book hangover. Well an audiobook hangover….