Our books are not free!

The biggest event on facebook, I’ve seen in a while! and it starts soon!


Sorry facebook for the double tap. Well worth it I think. 🙂

I’ve had the best time since we launched TSK’s second book in December, with a really well laid out plan of attack and some well-placed blogs and adds, we’re doing okay, sales and KU reads are really steady! and I’m proud of that.

But in the launch I did what most authors do, I had giveaway prizes. I love and will always love doing things for others if they REALLY want them, but I gave away between 2 events over 16 audiobooks, out of those prize winners only 6 actually have claimed their books.

These books cost a tonne of money to produce, and each gift costs around $20 or £20 (we’re almost even in cash value)

So I gave away £200 worth of goods, that no one really wanted.

So when a facebook friend decided enough was enough and she shared her idea on this event, I fully supported her, and I’m very proud of the gathering that is involved with this event.

Writing is not easy, it’s fun… sure.

It can be highly stressful too.

It is expensive.

To compete in the real world we have to pay out for many things.


Cover art…



Our time is worth something.

Yet, all the time, artists and not just in the writing world are berated and asked for stuff for free.

My other qualm was before my book launch in December I took part in a big event for a $100 amazon gift card. We gathered email addresses for our mailing lists, which was fab.

However in January and up to date, because I gave my email address in, I’ve had over 350 emails, with authors GIVING books away for free 😦

I am very saddened by this, and it has to stop.

We are worth it!

Our time is worth it. You as a reader want hour after hour of entertainment, right?

But you won’t pay more than 2.99 ?

What’s that coffee cost you there, that you’re drinking? how much is that barista on per hour?

Yeah, you get my point, right?

I love my readers, and I love my fans, the comments and notes I get all over social media make my day, but I have to eat, I have to put a roof over my head.

Hugs to you all, and I really, really hope you guys will support this fab event.

I’ve got spending money tonight! So I’m going to buy some amazing books from some of these fabulous authors!


Life – poem

Life is not the best right now and I could do with a rest.

I believe it’s just a test right now, yet I still feel so blessed.

What hurts me, and makes me cry, also makes me fight.

No, no, not flight… I might have once turned and run.

Wether it be just a test or the best, I am not done.

Where would be the fun.



~ Dawn

x x



can’t imagine a life without you,

you rule my head, filling me with dread.

I can’t imagine why you hurt me so,

that inner pain won’t ever go.

I’ve fought you long, I’ve fought you hard,

but the damned tiniest crack,

and your back.

My head hurts, my heart aches.

The pain I cause myself so bad, that all I feel is sad.

To want this year to end, to blend with all the others.

To start the next afresh, and not inside this terrible flesh.




Shared Memories


At the stroke of midnight we must meet,

To sneak past our guards, hoping boards don’t creak.


You the most elegant of queens,

And I the simplest of your dreams.


Into the dark night we must run,

Together always having fun.


At the edge of the forest I catch a glimpse of your hair.

I cannot help but stop and stare.


You’re the most beautiful of all,

And yet I can’t recall, that day we first met,

Many, many years ago.


Every year we keep this ritual,

Never frightened by all the rules.

Never scared to see what every one else huddles away inside from.


We stand in the dark, holding hands.

“It’s been a while” you whisper.

“Yes it has” I simply reply.


We wait…


The blackened spot high in the sky begins to glow.

A silvery halo beginning to show.


It takes a while, for our planet to pass.

Showing a glimpse of our darkened past.


A history no one likes to talk about.

Unless of course they scream and shout.


Our moon was hidden long ago,

By a powerful source that no one knows.


It comes out to play, once every year.

But doesn’t stay for very long, and I shed a tear.


My love for you both has passed,

Yet it will keep on going, and will last and last.

Least until the next time the moon comes out from hiding,

And standing there holding hands, I will forever be smiling.



© 2008 Dawn

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I wandered through the forest of my dreams,

lost and all alone.


My mind as dark as the the night,

no one aware of my plight.


The stars shining above,

seemingly winking at me.


I fell at the bottom of a large tree, and waited for the night to engulf me.


Tears formed but couldnt flow, just because I could not let go.


Then there you were, standing tall.

A vision of beauty, crowned by a single horn.


My heart fluttered, as you took tentative steps,

You seemed to know i was under such stress.


Tears began to flood my eyes, blurring my sight.

but you gave out this warm guiding light.


You stepped up to me, and touched me,

and with that magic you set me free.


© 2008 Dawn

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