I wandered through the forest of my dreams,

lost and all alone.


My mind as dark as the the night,

no one aware of my plight.


The stars shining above,

seemingly winking at me.


I fell at the bottom of a large tree, and waited for the night to engulf me.


Tears formed but couldnt flow, just because I could not let go.


Then there you were, standing tall.

A vision of beauty, crowned by a single horn.


My heart fluttered, as you took tentative steps,

You seemed to know i was under such stress.


Tears began to flood my eyes, blurring my sight.

but you gave out this warm guiding light.


You stepped up to me, and touched me,

and with that magic you set me free.


© 2008 Dawn

By kanundra Posted in poem


Darkened Winter

The darkened clouds seem to grow nearer, as I try and turn away.

The devils wind, seems to pull me closer, as my heart begins to sway.

You want me more and more each day, but you break my heart in every way.

You promised salvation, love and joy, but you weren’t here to stay.

It begins to rain, and the light fades to black.

I cannot see a way forward, only a long way back.

The night invokes great fear in my mind, because all you do is play.

You play on the thoughts and feelings inside, and turn them all to clay.

Nothing moves when you are around,

its just frozen solid to the ground

I lie awake wanting to hear something, but there’s no sound.

I will be forever tied up and bound.

© 2008 Dawn

By kanundra Posted in poem


Pain hurts, yet I feel nothing.

Words scream at me, yet I hear nothing.

The mirror shows me what is real, but I see nothing.


Emotion is strong, yet I block it out.

I want to be free, but I deny everything.


I am scared, so I don’t eat.

I am upset, so I don’t eat.

I am everything I hate, so I don’t eat.


All I want is to feel, but I can’t.

All I want is to be accepted, but I can’t accept myself.


Inside me is a voice, and it wants pain.

Inside me is a voice, who brings nothing but shame

Inside me is a voice, driving me slowly insane.


© 2008 Dawn


By kanundra Posted in poem




Cant sleep tonight, as the pictures in my mind begin to take over.

Cant sleep tonight for the fear of growing older.

It is time to realise life is for living, and not just existing.

Cant sleep tonight as my heads in a spin

Cant sleep tonight, but dont want to give in.

It is time to wake up, and feel sunlight on my skin.

Cant sleep tonight, as all i do is fight,

Cant sleep tonight so all i can do is write,

Dawn Chapman



For Stewart, Alex, Neo, Martin, Clare, Chris, and those who support me every time I come on, this short poem is for you…

From Dawn to you all……

When life is full of hard times, and its not often they are good.

Think of all the things we’ve been through together, as you know we should.

Through thick and thin, life passes by, without any time to stop and cry,

It can be short it can be sweet, but I am so glad that we did meet.

A true friend is hard to find, and mostly we are blinded,

by the things we think are important, as we do not often know.

An honest friend is here to stay, and will never let us go.

Dawn Chapman, written today at11:37 am.