Cora – Day 2

Well she’s a quiet little thing, but after a bath last night she’s starting to come around. Desperate to see Bobby, I’m sure. They’re not talking to each other. She’s a funny kind of cry, almost like she’s not sure what to say to him.

I am thinking she might well be more of a mans bird than actually liking me, but she’s taken food from both of us today and seems to be quite happy pacing her cage trying to get out.

The sure fact she’s already taking food from us is a much different situation than when we had Bobby. It took me 6 weeks to get him to take anything from me. Coaxing him down further and further, till he was close enough to snatch.


So, we’ve had an interesting day. I went to work. Feeding the railway lads, while Paul went to the pub and is now sat at home, waiting for me.

I had corned beef hash for my Xmas dinner and got to chat to a lot of lads who are working the extra shifts to pay for their kids toys etc.

It’s weird the way the world works, but hey ho. I’ve had a productive and quiet day. Just waiting now till I can go home. If I can find my way out of here… I’m not the most confident driver. Especially in the dark. And I’m in a new van, which is a lot bigger than my own. EEEK.

Oh well. Catch you later, and hope you’ve all had a wonderful day.


One comment on “Cora – Day 2

  1. I spent the day completely on my own.Well ok me and the cat.My parents are on holiday in Scotland as is the “its complicated.” I have asked “its complicated” to stay away.She hurt me too many times for me to feel at ease with her and I need to heal.
    I am back at work at 5.30am on Monday. I will be ready for that. Just a few hours drive to Bristol.

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