A real catch up

I’ve been promising myself I’d do this all week. But I’ve never had the heart of the energy to type it up. So here I am. 

I’ve had a pretty rough time as of late, there are only a couple of things which have helped. My good friends, and pottering about with my writing. (bar the first couple of broken wing, weeks) 


I let myself get really worried over my job, the fact that I still have no strength and the arm is sore at night, first thing. So I rang my boss up and arranged a trip down to visit them to chat. There was no way I could drive, attempted a little go again last fri, to no avail. So, mum took me. 

I met the bosses wife, who was really nice. We had a good chat, and I came away (although sad not to be able to go back) understanding a lot more about how things work and why. It was a good move to go in and see them. It alleviated all my fears, and made me feel so much better for doing so. 

Then I re-visited my Doc. I really hate that they don’t know me like they did at my last practice, but they can’t. In a good way, as I was forever at the surgery in Tarleton, She was okay and signed me off work for a while longer. 

So, that left me with my hubby on nights and me feeling pretty lonely. Mum’s just gone on nights too, and my step dad already does work nights. It was a tough week. 

But, with Nano going on, I found great comfort in being around people in chat and online. : ) yet for nanowrimo.

A couple of days, I struggled to write. The first few I managed 6-8k a day. Then I pushed over 40 and hit the finish with over 9k. 🙂 I was really happy. 

This week, has a few things planned. I’m meeting (for real) a couple of the peeps from the group. Always really scary for me because I’m a social hideaway. But, it will put me back into the real world and not the virtual one I’ve been hiding in, so I am looking forward to it. 

Word count as of today is 60.172 🙂 and counting. I have a feeling this one might end up more around the 100k so hopefully come end of Nov it will be finished. 


Happy writing, 🙂 


Dawn x 

Friday :)

Well I’ve had a different week. It’s been pretty ‘mundane’ but at least I’ve had chance to rest. And I mean proper rest. Not been able to do much of anything physically due to the sore knee. 

Yesterday I tried not taking any meds to see how the pain was. Even just pottering about the house, getting a drink and making my dinner ended up making it hurt by late afternoon, so I needed to take meds. I’m really not looking forward to going back to work as I know it is still going to hurt. Maybe a lot, maybe not. I don’t know… I am going to have to wait and see. 

I just hope that I can cope with it and work through another few weeks… I think this one is going to take me a while to physically get over it and yes, I have to be careful not to do it again. Although I can’t work out how I actually managed to go over on it in the first place. 😦 

Writing wise. Nada… I’ve had lots of time to think about it, but not do. My heads been so fuzzy on these pain meds I just haven’t been able to think enough to tackle anything. So I’m kinda depressed about that. I was hoping to have at least a chapter done by this week even without being in work. Not meant to be. So I’m a little behind. I need some more goals there for the next few weeks. 

Ep 5 of Best Friends is in editing still. 🙂 I know this is taking a little more time than the last few but this one is set in two different parts of the country so it’s to be expected. I can’t wait to see it though as the pics in the ice cream parlour look fantastic… 

Other projects are moving at a steady pace. I kinda feel like a plodding horse in that sense but it’s all good. Can’t rush anything. There would be no point. 

The weekend ahead is going to be much the same, apart from hubby will be here. I think we have to nip to liverpool tomorrow. I might actually try and drive for a bit. See how I cope. eek

I am going to tackle some edits tomorrow… I am, promise… lol

Sunday we’re supposed to have a friend coming to take a few of my fish. He’s wanted them since last year, not they’re bigger and fatter and temps are improving so he can pick which he likes the look of. 

I’m gutted in this respect. I like opening the tunnel flap and seeing them whoosh over to get their dinner. The more that go the less whoosing there is. And less faces to see. 😦 it’s sad but they are getting too big for their tank now, they need a nice new home. I’m very happy to let them go. 

Sanke is doing much better. All scrapes are clear… from both ponds. It’s been over 9 weeks now. 🙂 I’ve very pleased. 

There are however some increasing sets of problems being experienced by other koi keepers. We’re heading into spring now. The weather finally has started to get warmer and the parasites are out with a vengeance.  This is heart breaking because some are losing their prized fish. 😦 Not a good time of year really. I can only keep doing what i’m doing and try to offer my limited bits of advice or at least point them to someone who really can help them. 

Looking forward to a sunny nice weekend. Let’s hope it’s a nice one. Speak soon… 


Dawn x x