Catch up and exhausted!

I owe you guys so much, but it’s been a crazy bonkers two weeks.

I had two friends come to stay for 7 days, they arrived a little early, but we worked it out.

This is their blog – With us part 1.

and part 2 –

But this weeks been a right ole hard one. Not just on the catch up side of things, but I’ve a back injury I didn’t know I had. I can’t concentrate, and I’m just exhausted. I want Saturday to be just a total chill out day, but I doubt it will happen.

I needs a break!

In the news, Eating disorders rising %25 in three years, I’m all scared for our whole country. The NHS is trying it’s best to get more funding for Mental Illness, but it’s so sad to hear these stats, this week.

Will try and write some more over the weekend, but I can’t promise anything. : ( I just want to hole up and hide a little while.

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