Busy week…and weekend

Been really knuckling down with things this week. In regards to actually putting in real effort with TSK and in helping out Paul with the few jobs we need to secure before winter starts to set in. 


Got through Chap 4 and it’s almost done. Might have one more pass with it, but I’ve worked really hard on Chap 5 for Thurs session this week. 


I’ve got a busy day tomorrow, and Tues/wed eek. My friend and customer, still has some big issues with his fish, such a shame. So I am still helping out there. It really needs hands on every week till they are clear of these two terrible parasites. Costia and white spot. Like myself last year, he’s lost so many. So sad, but they’re pretty weak now, and I can only hope that they’re out the worst. 


Nice to have a wonderful big pond. Hard to catch and treat fish effectively when they’re sick.  With no running QT it’s a fighting battle.


Back in work tomorrow, not looking forward to it, already had several complaints, but hey ho. I live where I serve, can’t take any time off without an adverse reaction. At least they know I’m back tomorrow and things will return to normal. 


Hope you all have a good week, and I’ll try update as soon as I can. 


Dawn x 



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