Wed tagging on Thurs :)

Ummm don’t know what happened there… I thought I posted it live. Guess I didn’t. Oops…


I sometimes just don’t know where the time goes. This weeks flying by…. eeek.

Problems this morning with my script registrations. So had to sort that out. Funny isn’t it that almost 12 mths ago and they’ve lost my card payment details. Good job Paypal is so organised.

Work, work, work. And it’s been so busy… Can’t wait for next week when we get four days off for Easter 🙂 Yippie… I’ll get some time to catch up on things before the end of the month.

I’ve done as much editing as I can. Almost to the end of Chap 5 now. 🙂 It’s really bad when you’ve taken some time off from the piece and only been concentrating on the beginning. When you actually do move forward, you are thrown back into the world you created with a new vision. It’s brilliant. Thank you E.J. Runyon 🙂

Just been out for a small drink with the other half. Time to relax and a chippy tea… (sod the weight thing… lol.






What a storming day I’ve had at work. Settling in now. Need to crack on with Chap 5.


Catch you soon.

Dawn x x

YEY! oh, and some pond issues… lol

Hey everyone, 

I’ve been rushed off my feet again this week. With everything going on in work and at home there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. 


Good news this morning, my first beta reader got back to me about my revamped TSK – The Beginning Chapter 1 and she loved it… 


I have to quote her here, ‘This version is so different I almost can’t believe it.  Excellent job!  I spotted a few little nitpicks but I must say I’m extremely impressed at how well (and quickly) you polished out the flaws.  The first draft read like a screenplay, but this reads like a novel. Nice work. : ) ‘ 


Awesome, and it really made my day. I was very happy this morning. 


And yeah, then I get a phone call from the other half, there’s a problem with the pond… again… oh no. It’s like 0d outside and they’re predicting snow for tomorrow. 


Always, always the way. And I hate it, 😦 why can’t you have problems like this in summer… when there is no issue in getting in the pond to clear up problems. But, nope, it has to be in the dead of winter. 


So, I spent 1.30 mins hands deep in 6d freezing cold water. (The pond is slightly heated) sucks… 


I’m inside now, had some coffee got the fire up the chimney and the heating on till I get warm. Think I’m going to settle for some reading, instead of writing for today, we’ll see. 


Hope you are all fab. 🙂 


D x x