The story behind…


I’ve been thinking a little about this because I’ve recently been asked a couple of times. Where the name came from and why I picked it.

Over my Internet years. I’ve had a few names.


in 2007 I decided to get rid of the ‘hurting’ names and pick something that would reflect who I was. At the time, I was attending Cheadle Royal ED unit three times a week and living with my nan for most of that time.

Sunday night, attending on a monday, home Monday. Returning Tue night to attend wednesday, home wed, returning thursday to attend friday and home for the weekend. (hubby did stay at nans with me)

But it was in being with my nan where Kanundra came from.

We used to watch Countdown together a UK tv game show.

And at the end of it there is a connundrum. Which I then turned into Kanundra.

I have since learned that it is actually a real name.

This was taken from a website a social website for logo design, it sort of sums me up nicely. How strange.

This little info about the name of the business might help some designers:

Kanundra sounds like conundrum, which means a difficult problem. The purpose of Kanundra is to fix difficult problems. Facebook had a similar concept, they provided a solution where people can socialize and communicate. Kanundra is going towards that motivation.

I guess I went from ‘hurting’ to actually ‘fixing’ my problem.

Life is full of little surprises isn’t it?

Where did your name or nic come from?

Dawn x x

2 comments on “The story behind…

  1. Harmony… After a character in ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ (Harmony Kendall)
    77… My birthyear
    UK… Where I am from

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