Abuse :(

I don’t really want to post too much about this. But seeing I had an ‘incident’ at work. It has sort of left me just feeling weird. 


Everyone wonders how they’ll react in certain situations. A girl surrounded by a bunch of guys, you know that sort of story… 


Well I found myself in one that I hope never happens again. 


It went like this. 


Stopping my butty van at a paticular stop, I had a couple of my regular guys come over to buy their dinner. Nothing wrong with that. 


Then two others came across that I didn’t know. Someone drove past and simply said ‘I’ll give the first one to plant her on the lips fifty quid’ 


I didn’t expect anyone to jump at me, but that is what happened. I did fight the guy, but ended up hurting my neck in the process. 


Next time, I should just ‘plant a head butt’ and not worry about the ‘assault’ being on my end. Better the other party be injured than me. 


To be really honest, it left me shaken and upset. I didn’t know the guy, but what makes people react like that. You get a bunch of people together and somehow it ends up being something it shouldn’t. 


I’ve not had the mindset to do any editing today. I’ve emailed E.J the edits I’ve done so that at least we have something to look over and see how I’ve done tomorrow. 


So, I’m going to leave you with a few questions…

What would you do in that situation?

How do you think you might react?

What do you think I could do to protect myself in future? 


Have a good evening all. 


D x x