Abuse :(

I don’t really want to post too much about this. But seeing I had an ‘incident’ at work. It has sort of left me just feeling weird. 


Everyone wonders how they’ll react in certain situations. A girl surrounded by a bunch of guys, you know that sort of story… 


Well I found myself in one that I hope never happens again. 


It went like this. 


Stopping my butty van at a paticular stop, I had a couple of my regular guys come over to buy their dinner. Nothing wrong with that. 


Then two others came across that I didn’t know. Someone drove past and simply said ‘I’ll give the first one to plant her on the lips fifty quid’ 


I didn’t expect anyone to jump at me, but that is what happened. I did fight the guy, but ended up hurting my neck in the process. 


Next time, I should just ‘plant a head butt’ and not worry about the ‘assault’ being on my end. Better the other party be injured than me. 


To be really honest, it left me shaken and upset. I didn’t know the guy, but what makes people react like that. You get a bunch of people together and somehow it ends up being something it shouldn’t. 


I’ve not had the mindset to do any editing today. I’ve emailed E.J the edits I’ve done so that at least we have something to look over and see how I’ve done tomorrow. 


So, I’m going to leave you with a few questions…

What would you do in that situation?

How do you think you might react?

What do you think I could do to protect myself in future? 


Have a good evening all. 


D x x 


10 comments on “Abuse :(

  1. Sorry to hear that, Dawn. I could tell you how I would want to react, but in reality, how we think we’ll handle it and how we actually handle it never seem to be the same. I hope that I carry myself in a way that makes a guy think twice about going there in the first place. And I hope that if I’m ever in such a situation that I will be both quick witted and quick in action… and that the guy will be holding his nuts as he hobbles away… 🙂

    • Yes, I think that is how I should have handled it, but you are right you just don’t know what you’ll do. I need some assertive classes me thinks. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! What a nightmare. I don’t understand people that behave like that and I’m truly sorry you had to grow through that. Yes, I’d say go with the head butt next time and leave them injured rather than you getting hurt trying to fend them off. Nothing like that has happend to me since I was bullied as a kid… I’m not sure what I’d do if it happened now; but it probably wouldn’t end well for anyone involved. Did you call the cops to report it afterwards? How injured are you, did you need to get your neck checked out?

    What to do next time? I’m not going to be much help for that either… people who are up to no good find a way no matter what precautions we take ahead of time. Would something like mace or a taser have been of any use? Or, as DJ suggested, a swift kick to the groin is always a good deterent.


    I hope your neck is already feeling better and that you are able to put this ugly incident behind you quickly.

  3. Awful experience, but an experience nonetheless. Write the anger and the fear and the pain and the humiliation and the victory of walking away battered but with your head held high, write it all down and then let it go. Use it to fuel your anger and find your forgiveness and work it all out in words and more words, and then breathe. And be victorious.

  4. first off you should have punched him the balls… guys learn from that… and that’s what i would have done… i’ve had bad incidents and sometimes you get caught off guard and freeze but if you’re gonna fight back fight back… i mean seriously… slap him go for the eyes do what you have to to make sure he knows you’re saying no and perhaps he’ll think twice before doing that to another girl… seriously stuff like that makes me mad and those guys that think they can just do whatever need to learn that there are boundaries…

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