Tues.. already :)

Sometimes I just don’t know where the time flies.

What happened to Sunday and Monday… lol.

Well, loved the 40th party for my friend. It was really frosty going out, but I wasn’t driving so I relaxed and let hubby look after me.

Colin had a lovely birthday party, the food was good, the singing was good. And the DJ his brother was good too… πŸ™‚

Sunday, was just a chill out day for me, I’d drank more than a bottle of wine, and something a work collegue introduced to me, called ‘desperados’ very strong, had tequila in it. yikes.

When they announced the bar was doing shots for 1.50 I steered clear. Didn’t have a hang over or anything so that made a nice change.

And then we were back in work. A frost morning and a dull start to the week. That sort of continued across into today. People don’t have the cash after the hols to buy lunch out every day. It’s to be expected, so it always drops off this time of year, still it makes the day’s drag when you don’t get to see or chat to everyone.

Got a good couple of reviews on the first two chapters of TSK – The Beginning now. πŸ™‚ Think I am getting there, still a long way to go, but I know the more I learn about my own style and mistakes the easier the other chapters are to alter.

I am very hopeful that this latest ‘version’ will have much better thoughts from my beta readers.

I also sorted out some hours with a ‘mentor/coach’ yesterday. When I get paid at the end of the month, I can arrange some time with her to work through any other issues, but it’s all really exciting now. I am so stoked to be getting this book ready for market. I don’t care how long it takes, even if I miss the June deadline for createspace. It will be published.

In other news, Best Friends Ep 5 is being filmed in Feb, a little harder to do for the team this time around as it involves actually being in LA… mega stuff.

Can’t wait for that, they’ve secured a wonderful location to be the ‘ice cream parlour’ Do check it out on their facebook page.


How is everyone else doing?