Doctors and Editing :)

Great combo. huh… 😦

Oh well, so I’m due back to the docs today for another BP check and weigh in, I’m not so happy about it, but hey ho.

It is really, really difficult to keep healthy and work in the job I am. But more so, it is really, really difficult to not return to old behaviours.

I am hoping that I have lost a little, although I’ve tried not to really stress over it, this last couple of weeks at home have been difficult. And it has also been difficult to keep to a healthy regime. When there is a nice bacon butty staring you in the face, kinda hard to go for a turkey one.

Had my second session with E.J last night, it went very well. She’s a lovely teacher and I admire her for doing the job she does.

I learned so much more about how and why I write as I do. I’ve always known I write things backwards, well working at my paragraphs yesterday also showed that. I get things in the wrong order and need to really address the point of each paragraph for its merit.

So, changes that I’ve been making are good, but I also saw another different way of working through some things too.

I’m going to give it another go on my next 10 pages or so, and then see how I’m progressing again.

Homework too, is to read a dictionary. Need to buy one first. lol.

Hope you all are having a fab day, and lets hope the nurse goes easy on me… and that my BP is okay.

Dawn x


Edit….  Lost the required amount of weight, 🙂 Not so sure if I am happy though. Blood  pressure is down. I am happy about that. 🙂

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