Great day :) contemplation and editing…

Haha, so there is a lot of stuff up in the air at the moment. Got a very important letter which we knew was coming… let us just hope that it helps us shape out future for the better. 🙂 


I had a couple of pieces to catch you and read today, still got one left for tomorrow, but I am catching up. Work really gets in the way! 😦 sucks… lol. But, needs must. 


I’ve been editing this afternoon. Trying my hand once again at turning my lessons into better writing. I don’t have as much time this week, as I am having my session on Tuesday. I am hopeful though 🙂 


Not much to report today, contemplating our future, wondering and trying not to live too much in the past. Hoping that there is some good luck out there for us. 


I do hope everyone has a great evening. Take care all. 



11 comments on “Great day :) contemplation and editing…

    • Hi there, thanks for asking.

      My book, is titled The Secret King – The Beginning,

      It’s a Sci Fi, Space Oprah. 🙂 standing at 80k,

      Basic, plot line is…

      With their sun dying faster than they had expected and Kendro’s energy reserves faltering the King has no other choice but to order the evacuation of their planet. As pandemonium ensues and thousands of Aonise rush for the four spaceships, Kendro visits the only person who can help him, his step brother Nax. Locked away in an underground bunker to save energy Nax steps up to shield them for as long as he can so that Kendro can rest, he has to prepare to power the four spaceship off the planet.

      Unsure as to when it might be published, depends on how long editing takes, but I do aim to release it this year. 🙂

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