Gill flukes!

Hey everyone,

So having my fish checked out now the weather is warming up a bit, I had my pond expert out. On first glance he said all the fish looked really healthy and active.

We caught my big chagoi, hardy any mucous on him, took a couple of scrapes to get enough to scan, he didn’t find anything on him :)

Second fish, caught my ten year old Ogon, nice male who was attempting to breed last year, and we found one gill fluke. Just one. But it was enough to get my hackle up.

I know some fish have parasites on them anyway, :( but suppose at least it is best I know. He didn’t advise me to panic and treat right away. Just to keep an eye on them and see how the next few weeks go. I just hope that it doesn’t go mental.

We’ve booked to go away this year and the last thing I need is to be panicking before we do go.

So, will keep you informed as usual and fingers crossed for my fish.


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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