Sickness :(

Hi everyone,

So I know I haven’t been keeping up to date with things. Once more I was struck down by an awful bug. I was fine on the Monday, as I went swimming, but then I got up and couldn’t speak the next day. How weird.

I was supposed to be going Scuba diving last Wed. Not a chance, I spent the whole weekend in bed, most of it asleep. Couldn’t go out with Paul on Sat night, so spent it in. Work last week was really tough. I had the manager with me again trying to drum up more customers, but it was tough. I spent the week working and in bed. The doc said I just needed to rest, drink lots of fluid etc. Oh well,

This week, I’m feeing better. Had a nice weekend and I was able to actually enjoy some of it. Paul and I went to the local bar Sat night where they had a live band on, quite good. Didn’t roll in till gone 1am which is not me. I’m getting used to enjoying my weekends, so much better having time off together than my last job at the petrol station where I had to work.

News that I have, been writing the introduction article to the next instalment for Science Fiction Freedom E’zine. The first draft sucked, so been going over it again. Hopefully it will be done this week.

I have had some time to read, was recommended on Facebook to a ‘like’ page for a script. Of course totally my genre, sci fi. So enjoyed that a lot on Sunday.

I’ve had a quiet Monday, work was okayish, hoping it will build over the next month, January blues should be on the mend and the xmas over spends caught up with.  I’ve been swimming today. 40 mins. There was an elderly lady next to me, I laughed when she was getting out at myself, said to her ‘maybe next time I will be able to keep up with her’ but after all it in only my second time in the pool for a session.

I do love being in the water, something about it just doesn’t feel like exersise, even though it is. I just have to be careful, I guess. Although Paul’s booked our summer holiday and my mind is already reeling over being on a beach… why do we think like that?

My brain wants to lose so much more weight, but I know it is wrong. Today I made sure I had breakfast and lunch, but as it is getting towards dinner I want to avoid it.

Could be so easy to tell Paul I already ate, I’m not hungry. I always wondered if the thoughts would ever go away. I guess they wont and I guess I could be in for a rough few months. I will not let anything happen to me again, but I can’t say I’m not scared.

Paul is on his way home, so I’m going to make dinner. Think of me. 🙂


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