Friday (sat morning)

Hey everyone 🙂

So Friday was an interesting day. To not talk about work too much though…. I work as a delivery driver for 2ufood, I deliver fresh sandwich’s and pastries to people at work, those who can’t get out or are too far to a shop.

The whole week had been so quiet, I had barely any customers all week. But they all came out… at 13:10 I rang the manager and said I’d sold everything bar one cup of soup and a cake… everything else had gone. What a storming day.

I had to hang around and wait for one of the other drivers at the garage, my Niece was having a birthday party (8) next door at my brother and sister-in-law’s dance school… so I sat with them for a bit…

I took Craig back to the yard and the boss had saved me all the buttys off the other van’s for the party. It was nice of him. I got to leave about an hour later than I normally would. I wasn’t too upset.

So I went to the party, took some wine and food and laughed at the entertainer and my niece as they baked a cake with magic. Kids are so easily pleased, mind you so was I… tee hee.

Saturday morning is my usual shopping and cleaning day. I’m trying to watch myself with the ‘food’ though. All the dance and scuba diving won’t help if we eat rubbish all week, so no more choc… the last from xmas will be gone soon. I’m not trying to over obsess with the weight stuff. But I do know I have to keep an eye on things. Knowing I need to lose about 2 stone doesn’t mean I want to lose 4, so I’m tracking my weight on the calander. From xmas to now, I’ve dropped 3kg, I’m hoping it will settle down and was just the weight loss from over eating and then going back to work. I will let you know though. 🙂

I went out with mum to Southport to take some clothes back to Matalan and then went to Argos, I needed a new electric blanket, (my side broke, well it was 10 years old) we called at Morrisons and then came home to unpack and clean. I’ve just finished, how boring I know.

I’m just catching up with my emails now, had some good reviews this week. Seems people are getting back to the writing sites I use and becoming active again after the holidays. Awesome. So… I have some work to do, onwards with the writing and reading. Enjoy your day.


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