Bit of a mixed week.

Hey everyone. It’s been a cracking week for me. I’ve been snowed under at work, which has been very hard but I’ve loved it. 🙂 And, I’m happy to say that, we’re down to the last 140 pages of our edits on TSK.

Speaking of which, because I had such a weird start to the week I treated myself and contacted, Jakob Burgos over on

Here’s the new banner, designed to attract people to my story/script 🙂 Enjoy….Image

Logline for the TV series

For many years since their arrival on Earth, the Aonise have forged a tense peace treaty with humanity, living in the ghettos of their city as rival clans. Yet when a terrorist’s virus designed to eliminate them spreads to humans instead, Taliri, the son of the last Aonise king, is forced out of hiding to end the crisis. He must now unite his fractured people and try to prevent an all-out war.

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