The muse at 4am – stop it muse….

So yeah she speaks in weird ways. And I woke from a dream which had to be written down. NOT EDITED! as it was sleepily written….

This is pretty rough and maybe will get to see the light of day, but I’ll post it here to share, as it really won’t. It’s like not the sort of thing I’d really write about. Not sci Fi enough for me, unless I set it in a post apocalypse world.



Feath Charleston, an outsider in her town, a young performing artist of the highest calibre. Set to upstage some of the best in world wide competitions.

Then her mother contracted a rare illness and Feath was isolated and taunted, bullied at school. No one wanted to be near her. Feath couldn’t understand this and it hurt.

Ani, her Mother packed their things and decided it was time to move them on. As sick as she was, Ani, shouldn’t be driving and a terrible accident left Feath in a coma for 3 years and Ani at deaths door.

When Feath finally came around, her mother had passed away. Leaving her with nothing. Feath wished she’d died in that accident, her life and choices she’d made over.
Getting back to the one thing she loved Feath did everything she could to re-build her life.
One day an argument left her puzzled over an internet site, password protected and logged on several untraceable websites.

A boy, Jez, watching Feath from a distance as she practiced above the water the one thing she loves, twisting.

Jez a technical genius. Feath plucks up the courage to approach him and asks him to help her crack the code and visit the site that her mother had created.

A world of secrets.

Three years of letters to her daughter.

Will Feaths’ life ever be the same.


So yeah… there you go. 🙂