Can you tell I’m excited!

Nano count as of this morning is 36,289

The week working up to my hols was very hard work. I had the writing binge out of the way and then couldn’t motivate myself to do anything that I should have other than writing. So I didn’t. But, Friday came, I finished work. And then got caught up on nearly everything I was supposed to do. Even managed to get the gym.

This has been an exciting weekend for me, I’ve tried my best not to get over involved in some discussions going on, over the net. Forum procrastination is another thing I’m very good at. Closed it all and got stuck in.

I’ve a few more bits to read then I can dive totally back into TSK, which I am also excited about because I’m talking of launching a website! I’ve the domain names all ready to go. Just need to work out what to do on them.

I do have a little bit of a hangover this morning, so off to catch up on some more things, and writing to do.