Last day of nano :(

So yeah, the month of november is almost over. And I’m sad for lots of reasons.

It’s not just the fact it’s nano gone. Which is of course, sad. So very sad, it always is.

But, 7 years today I lost the best friend I had, my nan. I’ve really tried to not focus on it too much, but I woke in the middle of the night, in her house in the room she lost her fight in, and well couldn’t sleep.

The fact I was able to sneak into our living room, (hear Bobby move about as he re-settled) and put the laptop on was a good thing.

Nano brings lots of things, people in the chat room. New friends, who I can be very thankful for. (of course the ones, I managed to stick to all year, like Kayla and Stephen.

But I need to say a special, ‘Thanks’ even though they don’t know it to Hannah (ora) and to Jones726 because with their distraction I was okay. And today has been okay. I got stuff edited, I did many things I wanted to but didn’t feel I could. So thanks guys… you’ve been amazing.

Much love, and hugs.