Board pretty quiet today.

Tried sending message before but had no luck.

No after this morning am even madder.

Let me tell you first after Paul laid those bricks for my next door neighbour she tried to pay him he said £10 but she gave him £20.

Then as soon as we woke up this morning she came rushing over saying how everyone was laughing at her cause they weren’t straight. (The flags he laid them next to weren’t) and asked him to do it again. He was going to but then the guy who had got her to moan was there and he was saying Paul should have done it this way and then that way, in the end Paul got so mad he walked away. Now he says that guy John can do them if he’s such an expert.

He was so annoyed and so was I, if it wasn’t for the fact she had paid him for the job there wouldn’t have even been an issue, she wanted them like he had done ours and the other guy got her to change her mind.

After last weekend with all her ranting on just because I was tired I told Paul not to take any more money off her but he still did. I feel like she’s buying us. And I am so upset.

Now to this recent issue that has me absolutely FUMING.

And that can’t be repeated…. oops.

Take care everyone

Love Dawn