Bad time’s follow us all now and then, had a bad week myself and an even worse weekend, but never mind, gotta keep on fighting. I know food is a nightmare but we really do have to face it.

I have a friend of mine in work who is an alcoholic and been fighting it for years, he went to see a hypnotherapies last week and hasn’t touched a drop since. This woman is supposed to be brilliant, and has practices all over the country, I wondered if it would work with someone like me, an ed is much like alcoholism, I’m going to leave it a few weeks and see how my friend copes, he has a wedding to attend and a few other important do’s with alcohol around, if he can cope with them then maybe I can cope with food everyday.

I don’t know yet.

Your parents are only concerned for you, you can’t forget that and when they see you restricting your food and exercising everyday it’s bound to make them worry. If you do carry on to exercise every day try and eat a little more.

I know it’s very hard but we both must try.

I remember what it was like when I exercised for hours on end without hardly any food and I used to start blacking out. That’s not good.

But if you eat and exercise it burns 15% of that food straight away, so that is good.

Please take care and I’ll talk to you soon.

Love Dawn…