Sunday and stuff :)

Been a very down and busy week. Felt rough for most of it. Winter and nano blues. But, also had a few things to keep my mind occupied. 

Chat room on mibbit is still really active. If anyone suffering from nano blues want’s to join in. Send me a message and I’ll show you how. It’s been inspirational there, and the people are fab. From all over. 

We also had a couple of new arrivals last weekend, two Amazon parrots, who needed an urgent safe house. It’s nice to have them here and they’re settling in well. One is very friendly to me, the other isn’t, but like hubby. So it’s a good match. 


Bobby got his first telling off from our old cat. He bit her, so she touched the top of his head with the back of her paw. Not so good. He’s not been near her like that again though, so job done for now. 


Regarding physio and other things. I went on Monday and she knew I wasn’t right from the way I was walking, so we talked. She looked over my elbow etc and seemed to think it was ‘golfers elbow’ similar to Tennis elbow, but with the inside and not outside tendons, etc. 

She told me to rest, take a step back on the exercise told her I’d not been able to do much anyway, and she’ll see me in 3 weeks. Sucks, but I knew something was going on with it. Will be seeing my doc again on monday to go over it all and see what they can suggest. No good if one thing has a knock on effect to others. nice. 

Fish are all cold, settled in well for winter, blanket weed growing, so had to treat yesterday. But will be alright, just need to get them over the worst of the next few months, mild here at the moment. 


Well, hope to get on with book one more so now. Edit, edit 🙂 


Speak soon. x