Wishing everyone all the best for 2014 :)

This won’t be a long one, as I am still pretty much under the weather. Like everyone else we all reflect on the things that happen and the things we’ve been through. 

In 2013, I met some of the best people ever. You all know who you are. And for me the most wonderful Coach/editor, in EJ Runyon. Who has helped me attain one of my best writing achievements, TSK is almost half way there. The process seems to some to be long. But I’m primarily a scriptwriter working really hard on my debut novel. It’s goals are high, because of the TV series already penned and in time I know I will see those goals come to fruition. Through the support of these people, I am 100% sure next year will be awesome. 

One of the hardest thing I did was break my arm. It itself had a lot of setbacks. Mostly financially, but emotionally too. I’m on the mend and looking forward to heading back to work after this long hiatus. What it did teach me once again is that there are some friends out there who really matter. And again others who are by the by. It is life, and we learn by the things throw our way. 


I am very thankful for the people who have been there for me. My husband the most 🙂 


So, all the best to 2014 and may it bring us all what we wish for.



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