Okay here we go again.

Flukes this time!!!!

My poor Koi, they never seem to have any luck. :twisted: :twisted:

With them still flicking over the last two weeks, I had the sense to get the professionals in once again. Mike came out and was great as usual. Caught my Utsuri and took two scrapes, gave her a once over to check gills etc. Even let me have a good look too. Then went to check the microscope.

They have flukes, a medium infestation, but still an infestation. :evil:

I am now going to treat with Fluke M, and hope it clears them up. He advised me to give them a pretty heavy dose. So to rid of the blighters and then hit them again once after a week. I just feel so sorry for my Koi, they have really had a s**t year.

Anyway, thought I would inform you all.

Will keep you updated.