A hard day!!

Ok so what happened today, I got up and I went into work… How exciting. It was just gonna be one of those days, and I knew it.

Believe me it was. Learned that our night man has been sacked. In a way I am glad because the job will be a lot easier on me now that someone who does his work is there. On the other hand I do feel a little sorry for him. Losing your job isn’t easy. 😦

Anyway I knew it was going to be a bad day, and working in a petrol station is pretty fraught with certain dangers.

Even though you still don’t expect a customer to blatently walk across the forecourt smoking and then flick his still let cigarette towards the door. Of course I was straight on the tannoy system. Not a happy bunny. The stupid idiot then had the nerve to come in and have a go at me, saying I never went to school, and that petrol isn’t flammable to a naked flame. Oh geese, I thought excuse me, but it might not be the petrol which is flammable (and of course it it) but the dangerous thing is petrol vapors.

I think he was just upset as I had called him out in front of everyone, but he did a major stupid thing. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anyway, done some more plotting for nano. I think its a big story…. so onwards with it.

And as for the rest of my evening, I am just going to chill and catch up with my friends.


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