AudioBook Review – Silicon World

I had the great opportunity to finish this trio off. And I was very happy with the twists, and characters, although not tied together unless you count just AI’s and super twisting plots.

Review as follows, if you’ve something to spare, and want a good few hours worth of story telling, this is a bargain!

I was excited to get the last in the series on this, and it didn’t disappoint. It was great to re-listen to these amazing stories.

Silicon Dawn

The whole story didn’t linger, it started off fast paced and didn’t let up. I am not a ‘drawn’ out person and it held my attention from start to finish and it held my attention throughout. It wasn’t something I wanted to put down, although, during my day, I have to. I get to listen in 30 min sections.
What I enjoyed the most, was the fact that even though there are many AI stories, and some are very similar in nature. This didn’t follow the ‘plan’ I first envisioned. I’m an avid reader, of both scripts and stories, and listening to this was great.
There were quite a few to be fair. And Adam’s realisation’s came with great consequences, the fact that he could and would have jumped into the crusher to save his partner, and the fact that Tera basically had been lied to and abused all her life. There were huge decisions going on as Adam processed all these.
I think everyone will be glad when Adam isn’t dead. We all think Tera’s killed him off. It was both written well and narrated well. Just enough emotion, sadness and then joy when we switch chapters and into Adam’s POV inside the police computer.
Considering I’m not a ‘cop’ kinda girl and thriller stories really aren’t my thing either, this was well executed. I would defo listen to more from both the writer and narrator.
I did buy this the other day and hadn’t expected to get through it so quick. I kinda wished it had been longer, because I’d only just started to get into it, and then it was over.
Although the story itself didn’t warrant being any longer, perhaps I just hoped there was more for the pair, then I went to look and I guess there is, as this is book 1. So now I’m happy.
Thanks for the ride, I’ll be back! lol

Silicon Man –

Thoughts as follows and some SPOILERS

I was interested to follow this series and see what happens next. Or with whom I’m kinda glad that we got new characters to enjoy. Though it was a little predictive, (hence the mark down) I still enjoyed the performance from Joe and got involved with all the characters.

Cole Marcellus, is a cop with a terrible past, he’s dedicated to his cause and wants to stop all AI from hurting others, or running away.

There are some very interesting facts given very early on in this story. The Alsatian. The procedure for the upload… (which I have to say had me cringe over anyway, I mean uploading to a mechanical body… if this were possible… and it got out, how many ‘people’ would want to do just that. Doesn’t bare thinking on. However it does seed doubt in your mind from the get go.

So when AI cole is out and on his mission he gets to see some really awful ways that humans abuse the AI’s, and it’s kinda sad. The AI that rescues the cat is great, cause I am sure Cole was going to do it otherwise. But I do agree with him Cole should have let the enforcer zap him, he got in a whole lot of trouble. haha but saying that he wouldn’t have got to the underground as quick otherwise.

In regards to the whole underground and getting Solace. I honestly thought this whole section of the story was way to quick. Really stupid, no QT period or checks, or well it was just that, too quick and stupid on their part. And for me listening to it, I was shaking my head all the way through.

I did love Kira, and her background with Ron, that was well interspersed. When the Tak Team came in and they broke the underground up again another thing that was a little too predictive was the fact that Cole was still human and AI cole was never going to get back to his body.

The realisation for him though was well played. Even down to Zora putting in a safety memory wipe.

Solace was also one that was never going to get out of AI tak’s grips. I think for me what let me down here wasn’t the fact that I knew it was coming, but if there had been that little bit more build up with Cole and him (not just that one conversation) then it might have felt harsher in my ears, I might have gotten to know him and care for him. When they find him as a blank, I’m pretty indifferent to his story. Even if he’s been this huge hero for everyone, he kinda wasn’t for me.

The ending was pretty awesome, Joe added a depth to the excitement with the tone and pitch of his voice. Human against machine, brilliant and so so glad that Human Cole went back to see to Janson.

So much scope for this world, and the series. I’m still a fan, but sometimes slower is better with the story 🙂

Waiting on the next instalment!

Crossing the Darkness.

This was a shorter piece, and not really interactive with the others, but it held the same ideas and style of characters. This I enjoyed, along with William Massa’s usual traits, it was well written and very thought provoking. I could imagine the characters, and I was really routeing for Faith, she wanted everything to be so much better. She never imagined what she would wake up to. As a wide read and listened reviewer I found all of these stories very refreshing, thought engaging, and real. They make you think on so many different levels, that sometimes it really hurt.

Joe’s narration sets all these stories off to an amazing start, from the get fo there’s feeling, inflection, and character traits that you learn to love through each story. What Joe puts into each person is something second to none. And I have him very high on my narrators to follow list. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in these tales.

I think really my only quibble was the length of the last story, of course, it sets of the set, but I thought and felt there could have been more from the writer on this. That it just didn’t quite satisfy me in as much as I got to know the characters, the story unfolded with a few twists, and it left me satisfied, but still like I needed more.

Overall this is a set I’d highly recommend, because of the content throughout and the narrator. I look forward to more from these two, I know they are a great pair.



AudioBook Review – SpaceMan


I am really behind on posting these, so I’m out of order, and so sorry…

Really, highly recommended! for all Post Apocalyptic lovers.

SpaceMan | [Tom Abrahams]

“Excellent new spin on this genre!”


I remember reading the synopsis in Audiobook Boom and having listened to a few of Kevin’s narrations already I thought I’d request the book.

I admit, I wasn’t too sure about the ‘space part’ but this book was a very unique tale that I soon got behind.

The fact is no one expects bad news, or something to happen so quick that you don’t get to think, feel or react without severe consequences. What happens here for Clayton, his family and those who are close is very hard to swallow.

The fact is it could happen, at anytime. And the more I listen to these kinds of stories from the authors that Kevin has narrated, the more I’m concerned. The realistic 3d characters that these writers portray, especially Tom are a joy to the ears. Everything happens for a reason, every character twist and turn is there because I can clearly see them as real human traits.

The story is not without it’s horrid situations, no one can see a plane crash and listen to people dying and not be turned off, but also feel… it’s the feeling and the emotion that this story evokes in you, that really makes this one stand out in the crowd.

I am not that upset that it ended when it did, but it’s defo part of a larger story, that I hope won’t be too long in production for the next one. Highly satisfied that I listened to this, and I thank both author and narrator for the experience. It was so different from most other Post Apocalyptic books, that it would stand out amongst the best. Very, very well done guys. And I really want the next one! like now! haha

But, patiently will wait. 🙂

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