AudioBook Review – BrainRush

RC Bray is the man, and I was introduced to Richard Bard with this fab story!

3 books in one, I can’t complain at all. Took me a week to get through it, but I also know there are more, I just gotta clear some of my backlog before I buy them!

  • The Brainrush Trilogy: Box Set | [Richard Bard]

    “Really enjoyed.”


    Really enjoyed this book set. I was a little unsure going in, as it seemed a little more fantasy than my usual books, but I was highly surprised.

    There was lots of action from the get go, no sooner had we met Jake and his dire circumstances than the whole world was rocked apart and his life drastically changed.

    There was intense character development, and interaction between friends, and those who just seemed to get involved, especially those in the military side of the story.

    Through all 3 books there were huge obstacles, and fights. It got more Sci-Fi than fantasy and I was very happy with the outcome, most of the time I was sat on the edge of my driving seat while listening. So much to go wrong, so many of our fav characters to get injured, or die! eeek.

    Almost tempted to get the next few in the series, but I’ve just got them on my wishlist for now, as I’ve more than a few to get through. đŸ™‚ I’ll defo be back for some more, thanks Richard and of course to RC I’m a huge fan.