AudioBook Review – SpaceMan


I am really behind on posting these, so I’m out of order, and so sorry…

Really, highly recommended! for all Post Apocalyptic lovers.

SpaceMan | [Tom Abrahams]

“Excellent new spin on this genre!”


I remember reading the synopsis in Audiobook Boom and having listened to a few of Kevin’s narrations already I thought I’d request the book.

I admit, I wasn’t too sure about the ‘space part’ but this book was a very unique tale that I soon got behind.

The fact is no one expects bad news, or something to happen so quick that you don’t get to think, feel or react without severe consequences. What happens here for Clayton, his family and those who are close is very hard to swallow.

The fact is it could happen, at anytime. And the more I listen to these kinds of stories from the authors that Kevin has narrated, the more I’m concerned. The realistic 3d characters that these writers portray, especially Tom are a joy to the ears. Everything happens for a reason, every character twist and turn is there because I can clearly see them as real human traits.

The story is not without it’s horrid situations, no one can see a plane crash and listen to people dying and not be turned off, but also feel… it’s the feeling and the emotion that this story evokes in you, that really makes this one stand out in the crowd.

I am not that upset that it ended when it did, but it’s defo part of a larger story, that I hope won’t be too long in production for the next one. Highly satisfied that I listened to this, and I thank both author and narrator for the experience. It was so different from most other Post Apocalyptic books, that it would stand out amongst the best. Very, very well done guys. And I really want the next one! like now! haha

But, patiently will wait. 🙂

This audiobook was provided through AudioBook Boom free of charge, and without obligation.

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