AudioBook Review – Another Man’s Treasure

I was interested to listen to this story, a genre I wasn’t sure of at first.  But I was given a chance by the narrator. I enjoyed it, as I said. And Janelle has a really great voice to listen too. 

Another Man's Treasure: Palmyrton Estate Sale, Book 1 | [S.W. Hubbard]

“Enjoyed it a lot.”

I noticed Janelle post on a facebook group I’m in looking for reviews on the next book, she was kind enough to let me listen to this one (with no obligation to review)

What I found in this story was a very interesting main character who had a pretty ordinary life. But that life is blown out the water by a treasure chest. And a whole load of mystery revolving around her family.

Janelle has a wonderful sweet character voice for Audrey and she even plays really well the gents characters, just enough lower depth to them. I liked Tai too he had such awesome drawl. 🙂

What kept me entertained had to be the whole mystery, I can admit that I’ve not listened to or read many in this genre so the twists and plot points around the story kept me very entertained, and wondering the who, what and why. I was glad that it played out as it did and the ending was extremely well done.

I’d like more in this series to see what happens with Audrey and her friends, and maybe even to see if there’s some genuine romance between her and the policeman. Their relationship was great, protector to friend. That’s the kind of story I’m interested in, not the posh guy who was asked to date her, then kidna fell for her that trope is over done. I think my only main concern was the length of the overall story, it held my interest but it might have been a little on the long side.

Looking forward to more. Thank you for the opportunity to get to listen in. 🙂

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