AudioBook Review – Anomalies

It isn’t too often that I don’t get that sucked into a world. This happened to be one of those stories I was a little on the fence over. The audio narrator did a wonderful job, and kept it pretty exciting even though there were some repetitive plot points. But I was wanting to show some of my other thoughts on writing and that obviously not everything is 5 stars.
A good listen still though despite a few flaws.
Anomalies | [Sadie Turner, Colette Freedman]


I liked the premise of this book so requested to listen to it, and this was provided without obligation.

This is the first time I’ve listened to Lucinda, and I think her first book, though not sure. However, although her accent seemed very well pronounced, can I use the word posh, lol I really enjoyed the performance. She had a nice spin on Keeva as a 15 year old. And she kept me going on a story that maybe wasn’t something I’d actually keep on listening to.

Writing wise, I did think the story had some pretty weak spots. The fact some things were repeated from one chapter to the next, really grated on me. Almost the same info, just from two perspectives.

I did enjoy the POV switch to Calix, (apart from that one repetitive chapter) and his life and the life his father wants for him was well developed. I could really get behind him and the way his mother brought him up, and to the way his father wanted him to take over ruling.

I think there were some good twists, Son, and the traitor within the rebels, but Keeva was a little slow in the uptake there… and I wonder why.

The whole novel seemed to only just really get going….when it ended. The battle itself to stop the desalination plant, a huge let down. There really wasn’t a lot to win, it seemed just too easy. And so the kidnap of Kai just didn’t work for me and left the end of the book on too much of a downer. I almost wished it was just slowed down a bit more, a little more of a fight…

Overall thoughts though, this was different, and the world building was good and the characters, a little young, but they do grow. And they grow into much better characters. I do hope there’s another because I would like to come back and find out what happens to Keeva and her friends.

Thank you for the entertaining hours 🙂

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