Has anyone used F and M, against Chilodonella before, if so what were the results?

After the pond being dosed correctly, today with the weather being warmer all the other fish (who weren’t flicking are now flicking and trying to jump out of the pond)

I know this isn’t good at all. So any ideas, is it because of the treatment. I am more upset now about them than I was before….

Paul is ringing Holmeswood back in the morning to see what they say about it, and to see if the bug is still present, and if so going to ask when we can redose the pond.

I don’t want to rish hurting our fish if there is no bug there… perhaps they are just upset because the formaldahyde removes there mucus protection. I just dont know?

I just wish they would stop bouncing around the pond it isn’t nice to see at all.

I tested all my water perams again and they are all still spot on. So fingers crossed they are a little upset with the treatment and not still affected with bugs….


By kanundra Posted in Koi

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