Holiday to Devon :)

After much deliberation on wether we should go or not, we decided that a break away from our home would do us both some good. 

Having so much time off work hasn’t done our finances any good. And although we have some savings, it’s deciding on what to do with it that matters. 

The car is full of fuel and I’m packed ready to go. Not too sure how much driving I will be able to manage, it’s been 5 weeks now, so I have to give it a go. My arm is without real pain most of the day now, but it’s a dull ache, that is always there. The worst thing is it pops and grinds and that does hurt still. I can’t pick up big things or open out back door with it yet, but I am now managing to eat with it. Big bonus. Handling a fork in your left hand is a nightmare. (so is asking your other half to cut up your meat for you) 

There are some other personal things which are still difficult, like combing my hair if it has a lot of knots in it or tying it up. But it’s getting a little easier, and not as painful to try. 


So, Devon here we come. I’m taking my Mac, and kindle and plan on lots of nice ‘wet’ walks with my other half. Hoping to catch a couple of friends for an hour or so too. 🙂 

My mum is in charge of the pets. Bobby, Spooky, the main pond and the QT, so hopefully all will go okay. 

Will let you see some pictures. 


Have a good week everyone. 


D x 

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