Physio week 4

Well 4 whole weeks since I fell and I’ve been back for physio again. The young physio had a student nurse in with her today. So it made all my questions seem really silly. 

The exercises aren’t easier, the bones clicking and the pain still pretty constant. More so at night, that moment you fall asleep and jerk. Agony. I’ve been advised to use more wrist exercises to stop that stiffening up, which it has. And to keep doing the elbow ones, but not to push it past the pain barrier, early days, is early days. It’s a break. 


I asked why they don’t plaster them anymore, and her reply was interesting. Imagine if it’s so sore to move the joints after 3 weeks, then think how it would be after 6? I can totally understand their logic. Especially after talking to a customer of mine whose mother in law had to have hers pinned and in plaster… I am better that they didn’t have to do any of that. 


So, one more week and we’re on holiday. Guess Paul will be driving, lol. More time for me to relax and at least I won’t be looking at these four walls. 

Write soon. 


Dawn x