Hey there,

After a few drinks last night, I never slept. Awful night really. Heard the guinea pig cry a few times and just was worried. Poor thing. His wound this morning is black, so at least it isn’t open any more.

Paul got up at 5:30 to see if he could get his tyre blown up at work, nope. So he came back and I had to drop him off to fix it later on my way to Dive training.

It has been an interesting day, but a long one.  The theory behind BSAC and all the gear is hard work to get your head around. Because I’d done it last year, it was easier to remember and we finished the first three lessons and went into the fourth, which I hadn’t done. So learning more today about dive plans and tables was interesting.

I’m tired now, and haven’t done any of my jobs today. I have to do them tomorrow. Looking after the big fish and the babies, cleaning the guinea pig pen and tidying the house. This is  all in amongst picking up the fish tank from my brother and taking it to Wigan for a friend. Nightmare, I think tomorrow will be just as hard as today. 😦

Oh well, I am going to relax tonight and see what happens. I’ve done well this week so relaxing is top priority lol….

Not sure if I’ll get much writing done, but I am going to do a read through while the other half flicks channels trying to find something to watch. Sat night TV isn’t much good.

Catch you laters 🙂