Been a busy weekend, but yesterday I got the chance to get on with the thing I love the most. Creating a world where I can vanish.


You wonder why I love it so much….


Let me tell you a story, of the fat kid at school. The kid that was bullied and had no real friends. The kid who had no other world to turn to but one of her own making.


In my worlds, I could do anything I wanted. I had friends who wanted to be with me  because of who I was, not what I looked like, and I was loved.


I know I am loved now, but creating people around me who also love me has stuck. My characters breathed life into me when there was nothing there. No hope, no joy, nothing at all. They helped me survive when I didn’t want to carry on and  I’ll always be grateful to them for that. More than they’ll ever be able to appreciate, because after all they’re not really real are they?


Well they are real to me. They were real then in the mind of a struggling 13 year old and they are even more alive now at 33. (yikes)


The world I’ve created for my latest story has come  from a picture. A requested story with an assigned drawing. That drawing of one character sparked the journey of several more. And is now near 4000 words in length. Where it will end yet, I don’t know. They’ve not decided.


I say they haven’t decided because they just haven’t. When I see a character, I see everything. Where they grew up, what they went through, who they went through it with. I feel their passions and I want the same things as they do. I become immersed in their world as though it were my own.


For those that know me and my Secret King series, they know all too well how many nights Taliri has kept me awake for, begging for more things to do, more places to visit and fun to be had.


Sometimes they really are wonderful, then other times (like with Taliri) they can be a pain in the butt. You ever have characters that just won’t shut up?


Anyway, the project I was writing for has been pulled for now.  Bummer… but the story is still going on.


I will finish it, they’re begging me to carry on with it. A story half written isn’t a story at all.


So soon. I’ll post you where it is. 🙂


But for now, I’ll bid you all good night…