Everything going wrong :(


Edit, bit of good news. Passed my Diving Theory test last night 🙂 now for the moan… lol

Today has been just one of those days.

I’ve had the baby koi on my mind all day, the temperature dropped to 8 degrees overnight. -1 on the car temp gauge with it looking to only get worse for the weekend. I really couldn’t have it drop any more. The heaters we’ve been bidding on, on ebay, have been going up and up and up. So, I made the decision to just buy the one from Holmeswood Koi and Paul fitted it today.

However, he wasn’t a happy bunny when I got home from work. It wasn’t working and he’d rang Barry up to find out why. There wasn’t enough water going through it, so it of course won’t work.

We had to strip the pump out, and the spray bar from the backi shower and get it working again. That is twice in two weeks now it has blocked. So, I can’t raise the baby temp too much, because I’m scared it will happen again.  😦 sigh.

Everything always comes when you’ve no money…. Paul doesn’t go back to work till Tuesday. His arm is still a bit sore, but hopefully he’ll be okay. We can’t afford him to have any more time off.

What really pisses me off and I have to say it, is his bosses just keep on thinking he’s taking the piss. When he really isn’t.

Would you carry on and drive after being involved in an accident, where you were hurt? Shock always sets in after a few hours and the pain starts the next day…

I don’t understand it, I really don’t. Yeah, we can do without money, food, fuel for me to even get to work, and we can cope with the stress it all puts on us.  Not a clue, just isn’t the word…

In other news, mum is leaving her job with me. It just hasn’t worked out, for my boss and for her.  And she is even more pissed off tonight because she’s had a letter from HMS saying she doesn’t qualify to retire at 60 and will have to work now till she is 65.

The government are just taking the ‘michael’ as well. Working class people, like us, don’t get to reach 65 and 70, we get to get near our retirment age and then we die. Nothing happens then does it. Your spouse or your partner doesn’t get a lump sum in compensation for ALL the taxes you’ve paid into dilligently for the last 50 years. You lose the flipping lot. So why in hell should you have to pay for a pension???

I am so annoyed with the system. It is so screwed up. I hate watching or listening to the news because it is full of people who are blatantly claiming for everything they can, when they should be out working!! there are genuine people who can’t work, can’t do anything and they are the ones who also get nothing and are forced to work through their pain.

I hate this country, I really do.

Going to chill  out for a bit, been a long, long day. 🙂 I could do with a good drink, but driving tomorrow means I can’t.

Have a good evening all, sorry for the rant.