FRIDAY the 13th….


Always a bummer! always something goes wrong. Came home from a sort of good day at work to find the baby pond temp had dropped 10 degrees, heater had blown.

Pulled the polly tunnel off fixed it, but it kept tripping out. Awful, awful awful day. Couldn’t get it right. In the end it seemed that it was the mains plug it was fixed into was the problem. So we sorted it out.


Couldn’t bump the heat back up though not to 18 degrees so had to settle for 12, that would be okay for them gradually over the next couple of days, 😦 nightmare.


If it isn’t the guinea pig, it is the fish…. or I am not well…. yeah still not 100% but a little better.


I am getting drunk tonight and going to eat a lovely manchester tart from work 🙂


Enjoy your evening all, will update you better tomorrow.