Monday blues!!

Today has been a trial and a half.


I think everything went wrong from getting in bed last night. I couldn’t sleep, awful in fact. The other half got up at 130, never came back to bed till gone 3 and it just made my night even worse.


Frost was bad this morning, took ten minutes to defrost the car. The van in work wouldn’t start, and they’d had a break in over the weekend so hard for them.


Started my run and my oven went off. My mum broke down, couldn’t get the van going, then did, then broke down again. Hardly anyone came out to see me, or buy food more like. Was a tough sale day, and difficult just in general as I was so tired.


Had to pick mum and all her stock up from the garage, nightmare, as there was too much stuff. Couldn’t get mum in, yikes.


Came home via the garage, as had to pick up some booster packs in case the vans won’t start again tomorrow. Mum is in the spare one, which they had to clean because it hasn’t been used since Christmas.


I’m tired, I’m cranky and I want my bed… lol…


What I really need is a holiday, a couple of weeks off. Fat chance.


Paul goes back to work tomorrow and he’s had a hard time getting some pain killers from the doctor for tomorrow, they really don’t like listening to you and love causing you more grief.


So, I’m off to have a bath and a lovely sleep tonight 🙂