Hey there,


Dragged myself to the docs, yep tonsillitis again. No way do I want it like last year, 12  weeks off and on. So strong course of antibiotics and hopefully it will be gone!!!


It is horrid, feels awful. Can’t swallow, don’t want to talk. YUK!


So not much to add to today. Work was okay, hard work though. Will be hard work tomorrow too. Just hope I can sleep tonight, as  it was just as bad last night as the night before.


Interesting thing came up today though, a director/producer is looking for a new short film. So, have some ideas floating around in my head over that.


Ryan, the other nice director from London contacted me over the ideas I sent him, so fingers crossed for me things might be looking up this year. Loads of work to do, just need to get some rest, get better so I can do some.


Taken loads of pills, now off to bed to relax.




D 🙂