writing and revising :)



Today has had a little bit of bad news. The publication I was writing my story for has been postponed. Prob till June, I am not worried over it, it actually gives me more time to polish it and see where the characters take me. But I never work well without a deadline. 😦  sigh….  Tonight I decided to chill out and review instead. I’m reading a script from http://www.talentville.com for a lady who requested me too. I’m actually getting into it now, so it always makes a feature easier if you start to enjoy it.


As for other things I have my exam tomorrow for scuba diving. I am a little nervous, I hate failing at anything and I just feel really not sort of up to it, don’t know why. Probably just jan blues and too nervous. I want to know more and learn more so I’m comfortable. But it scares me too. Yikes… something I want to do frightens me so much, just doesn’t feel right.


Guinea pig,  still manages to scratch a little. I wonder now if he just does it because he’s stressed or upset. As he is on his own. Might see if putting him back with the other will help.


Had a bit of a nightmare with the baby pond and the big fish. Weather is so cold and the heaters are working overtime to try and cope with heating them. All the fish don’t like it and my husband is over feeding them. Not good.


I’m going to have dinner then revise for the exam. Hope you all have a fab evening. 🙂




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