Finally getting  somewhere this week I think my tonsilitis is going, looks that way anyhow.


I managed to swim for a bit last night, first time in a while. Still not made the 40 mark, but considering I haven’t done it I did well 18 lengths. And even Paul managed 12. 🙂


Today even though most of it was slow at work wasn’t so bad. Got things done and was home handy, Paul had the fire lit and the animals looked after so I didn’t have to do anything. Even better.


I’ve managed only 200 words on my short story, but it is doing okay.


Guinea pig still not so good, managed to bandage his leg so hopefully he won’t be able to scratch tonight and wake us up.


All in all not a bad day, got more writing to do, going to aim for another 200 before bed. 🙂


Speak  later.



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